[Which is it a GOOD CHOICE Rewards!?] With your support, I'm proceeding with the publication of "10 -48: The Past and the Future of Mimeograph" and I would like to introduce the reward products of this funding project.I will answer your question about "WHAT THE REWORDS PRODUCTS IS THE BEST?!". The answer is the SET rewords.Basically, the fee included in the support isRewords products + Overhead expenses (Framing charges and other charges) + shipping charge(from Japan to your address). I will introduce it based on that.・・・The 20,000 yen (6) supporter limited sticker + 1 book + Tomoko Kanzaki's work "Apparatus 5" would be the easiest to support.We will send you the work, the picture frame and the book including shipping fee.・・・This crowdfunding project is to publish the main reward as this book with full my power. So you may feel a little "Is it expensive?". I'm sorry.As I am writing at " full power", I have already spent a lot of money on translation and shooting. Actually, the price is set with the support necessary for kick-off.I make it with the cooperation of various people.If you want to put this book in your store,I think good you choice the reword of multiple books too.I will describe it after day, The plan to sell it side by side with the supplementary reader books sounds interesting.This is a post for people who are not sure what to support.I would appreciate it if you could refer to it.Thank you for your continued support.

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